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Brickhaus Working Puppies!

What sets Brickhaus apart from other German Shepherd Breeders in the Tampa Bay area? I'm very fortunate to have a job where I get to train and compete with my dogs all around the globe. German Shepherd are to be bred for character. So if a breeder doesn't make the effort to train and actively work their dogs, then they are lacking information of their dog's temperament and ability. Through training and working my dogs, I know their temperaments, strong points, as well as their weak points. With this information I can select the best possible combination to compliment each other in a breeding.

The German Shepherd is sought out for its loyalty, bravery, and trainability. Structure is important, but health and character is first and foremost. Also unique to Brickhaus is many people that purchase a Brickhaus puppy, come back and do some form of training with me. Seeing puppies from my breeding program grow and develop gives me vital information on what my dogs are actually producing, so I can make adjustments on future breedings. I use only German Working Lines, following strict German SV standards. I have strict guidelines for dogs allowed in my program, and test for all possible genetic faults. Then only if they pass every test, they become a part of The Brickhaus Breeding Program!

No puppies available at the moment. Next litter will be November/December 2020.